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LA BIBLE SIMPLISSIME© contains all the Books of the Bible in order to know the whole Bible in the simplest and fastest way in the world!!! With your Bible, you will be guided to your readings, understanding the meaning of the scriptures in relation to the context. It is the only work of this type in the French-speaking world and undoubtedly a must-have for anyone who really wants to know the Bible in its entirety. Each book is summarized on a single page in a clear and colorful way (except Genesis and Revelation which are on two pages because of their density), in a no frills style.

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Strong points

What there is to know

Each Bible Book page includes:

◆ Old Testament/ New Testament

◆ Author of the book

◆ Historical period

◆ Date of writing

◆ Summary of the book

◆ Key points to remember with relevant Bible chapters

◆ Popular Verses

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Our delivery times are:

- a few minutes for digital books (PDF)

- 7 to 20 days for paperbacks.


Note that Amazon Prime lead times are generally less than 5 days.

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A question ? A suggestion ? Others. Be sure to have an answer within 24 hours.

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